If you have wanted to reduce weight and lead a healthier life, there are many diet programs available on the internet. More often than not, you give up on diet plans as your body does not get enough nutrition and you feel tired. The 21-day fix programs, now a trending nutrition program will help you lose weight as well give you a wholesome diet. Its selling point is its diet plan and a workout of not more than 30 minutes. This program uses 21 day fix containers that will help you portion your food to fit the box, no more no less. The nutrition plan only focuses on how much you eat rather than what you eat, as most diet programs fail due to food restrictions reports www.healthstatus.com.

How important is a good nutrition plan?
When you are trying to lose weight, success in this is mainly due to eating right though working out is important. Most of the time, the undoing is due to eating wrong. Most fad diets ask you to eat only fruits or vegetables or some dangerous combination of all types of food. But a proper nutrition plan should be a mix of healthy food and enjoy the meals which will help you continue with the diet.
The motivation you get from a fitting diet will make you disciplined enough not to eat the wrong food like pastries or snacks though you can occasionally sneak in one.

Containers for 21 days fix to eat
Many workout programs are creating diet plans using containers which are color coded which will help you set up a diet plan. Wondering how it works, the containers will come in different sizes and colors. The type of food can be determined by the color and how much you can eat is deciphered by the size. The use of these containers is that you do not have to weigh your meals to know the recommended measure for burning your targeted calories.

Containers and its sizes
The 21-day fix eating program comes in containers of 7 and six sizes. Each container is filled with different food. Depending on your target calories you can use those containers.

What are the foods approved for this program?
Use the following color codes
Vegetables in Green Containers, proteins in red, oils in gray, fatty food in orange, fruits in purple, carbohydrates in yellow and dairy products in blue.

Important Tips
Make a list before shopping: Most people who go shopping without a list tend to buy things which they do not need and forget things that you want. So, it is advisable to go with a list of stuff that you want to buy there by avoiding another trip to the supermarket.
Another advice worth considering does not go shopping hungry. When you are hungry, you tend to want to snack on junk food as that is the easily available option that you can put your hands on.
List out all your favorites and all the things that you would need to prepare it so that you do not visit the grocery store every few days. It is recommended that you shop weekly or fortnightly to avoid binge shopping.


Have you ever considered the option of exercising with a weighted vest? If yes, Train Hard Get Fit has an array of weighted clothing options which doctors at www.healthstatus.com talk about. A weighted vest is a gadget used for fitness workout sessions and aids in burning calories. This tool works against gravity and offers a great deal of resistance owing to its extra weight.

Anatomy of a weighted vest
This sleeveless vest has a front-opened top with pockets to hold weights like a steel bar. You can wear the vest like any regular cardigan. It comes with an adjustable side strap, zipper and shoulder strap based on the model. Wear them such that they offer you a snug fit. It should not be tight enough to choke you while a loose fit can come in the way of your movement.

Take a closer look, and you will see that this wearable has a fixed weight. You can make it lighter by removing weights and add few weights to make it heavier. By adjusting the weights, you can benefit greatly from them during your workout. They are worn during certain types of physical activities like walking, body-weight exercise and quickness drill.

Ideal weight of the vest
Fitness experts and trainers are of the opinion that the weighted vest should not exceed more than ten per cent of your total body weight. However, if you can work with a heavier vest, there’s no stopping you. Remember to take them off after an hour and avoid working out using a weighted vest every day. Give your muscles time to relax by taking a short break from the weight of the exercise equipment.

Who can wear them?
This training gear is not suitable for everyone. Older people and individuals with complaints of obesity and joint pain will find it difficult to work with these vests.

Increases strength and endurance- The results of training with an exercise vest is evident from the results of strength training and aerobic activities. When you carry extra weight during exercise, it requires more energy and oxygen. This means that your muscles have to work hard to get used to the weight, which results in greater stamina and endurance.

Provides variation in exercise- If you are into CrossFit training, you will know that it incorporates high-intensity activities with elements from other sports and forms of exercise. A weighted vest offers your body variation in functional movements that the body is not prepared for.

Cardiovascular benefits- Your cardiovascular system has to work extra owing to the increased resistance from the vest. It helps strengthen your lungs and improves the VO2 Max which is the measure of your body’s ability to utilize oxygen.

Benefits musculoskeletal system- In addition to making your muscles stronger, this training wearable increases the load that your bones can handle. The results are increased bone mass.

Burns calories- Practicing short and high-intensity workouts make use of resistance training and burn fat and help build muscle. The easiest and the quickest way to improve the intensity of your workout is to add a weighted vest to your daily fitness routine.