Men are not far behind when it comes to being fashionable. Apart from experimenting with clothes, they are also experimenting with their hair like going bald. Though many do it to mask a receding hairline some do it keep pace with changing trends. So, if you have wanted to get rid of your hair on the head be it for change or out of necessity, there are some of the best head shaver today which you can use at home.
As per a survey conducted by men with a clean shaved head look more authoritative and tough than those with hair. So, it’s time to go for that bold look. But before you chop off that hair, there are a few things too about the tools needed and also how to maintain that smooth look.

Use clippers or any other tool to shorten your hair: If you have hair which is more than a millimeter, then the first thing to do before shaving your head with a shaver is to trim it to a shorter length using a clipper or else it can block the shaver with those long hair. Using that clipper reduce the hair to a shorter length and then go for that razor or shaver to get a clean shave

Recommended tools that can be used for shaving
Search for an excellent shaving tool online or offline. Whatever tool you choose to take it slow when you are a new to the tool. The chances of injury as well as getting a good result is high if you go slow and systematic.

Electric Shavers: They are the most convenient and safest option for a clean shave. There are many shavers in the market which do not exactly serve the purpose of shaving your head completely. With some careful research, you will be able to get electric shavers will give you a good quality shave.
Clippers: Though thought to be used for trimming hair only than shaving the hair off completely, there are many clippers which are multipurpose and are designed to do both the jobs of trimming as well as shaving.
Razor: You can also go for a blade, which has a flexible head and more than three blades. The idea behind having more blades is that it can more area of your head and thus reduces the irritation on the scalp it can cause is you have sensitive skin. As with shaving your face, follow a proper safety routine of having blades which are sharp. You can also use oils for pre-shave so that your head is moisturized.

Post Care: Depending on your hair growth you can decide on how often you want to shave your head. But it is recommended that you leave a gap of at least 2-3 days after every shape to prevent skin irritation or burns due to the razor. Caring for your scalp is similar to how you care for your face. Use face wash to clean it and apply a moisturizer that you apply to the face to keep it smooth. Another thing to remember is that your scalp can easily get sunburnt so use sunscreen when you are going out.